Business Networking in Normal Heights

Cafe Madeline Tuesdays 8:30a – 9:30a, 2850 El Cajon Boulevard

Business Networking Normal Heights

Our Tuesday, 8:30am group meeting

Looking for Business Networking in Normal Heights in San Diego? You’ve found it!

“If you build it, they will come” is a terrible way to do business. In this era of too much information coming through the feed, if you’re banking on people finding your website, you’re not doing enough for your business. We can help.

We are a passionate, productive group of small business owners who do the one thing that is proven to increase sales, create long-term relationships and increase exposure: We tell our friends about you and we tell you about our friends. You all contact each other and sales are made.

We are accepting new members!   Learn more

Meeting weekly, we are looking for motivated and supportive members to join our group, holding each other accountable for referrals, ideas exchange and relationship building.

We have two requirements:

  1. As a group member you’re required to attend our weekly meeting
  2. Only one business category can be represented by one person in the group. For example, we already have a Realtor and an Attorney, so no more realtors or attorneys can join.

Current Categories Represented:

• Attorney (Personal Injury)
• Financial Advisor
• Insurance (Supplemental)
• Insurance (Property & Casualty)
• Mortgage Lender
• Realtor
• Social Media Marketing/SEO/Web Design/Development
• Tax Professional
• Bookkeeper
• Painting / Contracting

Want to join us?  We currently meet at Cafe Madeline Tuesdays 8:30a – 9:30a, 2850 El Cajon Boulevard.