Normal Heights Community Association Board Meeting Minutes

Lestat’s Coffee Shop

September 21, 2013 

Members present: Mike Palmer, Nancy Palmer, Ron Ferrero, Wayne Crawford, Earlene Thome, Brent Brenasconi, and Vanessa Drake.

Start time: 9:22 AM

I. Welcoming by Ron

II. Approval of minutes

Vanessa Drake set motion, Wayne Crawford seconded.

III. Treasurer’s Report.

Current balance is $1,345.57.

IV. Committee Reports

Block Captains – No new business.

Clean up and Public Safety – Safety Fair October 5, 2013.  SDPD, SDFD, District Attorney’s office and other organizations will be present for the event.

Historical – No new business.

Membership and Recognition – No new business.

Social Activities – Halloween themed movie night October 19th at 7:00 PM. Mike will contact Rifftrax. Possible concessions such as hot chocolate, coffee, and doughnuts. Mike and Vanessa heading this event.

Social Media and Communication – Brent Bernasconi.

Special Projects and Fundraising – No new business.

V. New Board Member – Brent Bernasconi

Nancy Palmer set motion.  Mike Palmer seconded.

VI. Safety Fair

Need banners and pop-up. Mike will print banner. Vanessa will bring 200 waters and nutrition bars.

VII. Adams Avenue Street Fair

  1. Volunteers will have 2 hour shifts.
  2. Ward Canyon Park Project will have petition sheets available.
  3. Member registration slips will be available.

VIII. New Business

November Food Drive (pending).  Information for school enrollment to be discussed at the community meeting. Perhaps hold an “Education Fair.”

October – Encourage neighbors to bring candy.

December- Holiday on Adams December 14th.

Logo – Mike to bring 2-3 suggestions to the next board meeting.

IX. Adjourn – 10:38 AM