Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board
Normal Heights Community Association
Held May 23, 2016  –  6:30 pm
At 5131 Benton Place, San Diego, CA  92116

The following board members were present/absent (*indicates absence)

Ron Ferraro-Pham 
Jessica Pasela
Jon Tolhoek
Beth Antons
Stephen Throop
Patti Claassen *

Ron Ferraro, Board President, called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm and introduced the meeting.

I. Treasurer’s report: $1,650 + $609.80 (movies) . Bank service fees are now waived. End of april put us at $2,265 + $250 check Jon handed Beth for movie sponsorship. Movies are about $700 each

II. Summer Movies in the Park – 1st Movie June 25th : Beth emailed Marilynn asking for deadline for the slides. Awaiting answer

Sponsorship – Beth gave us updated list of sponsorship and status report.

Tent/Popcorn? – Beth drafting volunteer request for booth. Jessica will handle coordinating volunteers. Ron buying more popcorn. Beth emailing sponsors to see if any wish to set up a
booth at the movie.

III. Block Captain/Safety Meeting – May 24th @ 7pm: Jon sent agenda email. Jon made flyers. Emailing flyer for more Beth, Jess, Jon, Ron and Throop will attend this meeting

IV. Rock n Roll Marathon Water Station – June 5th: Jon, Jess and Beth will attend. Jon has tent and set up equipment. Jon sending reminder email out to all volunteers

V. Membership: Jess emailing Patti re wordpress. Jess & Jon meeting re wordpress training. Jess creating membership inserts.

VI. Web Site/Social Media: board members will email Patti when we would like something posted. Board members will create content and email to Patti to post consistent info on all sites.

VII. Other Business: Throop will find some historical date in which to center a block party around. Patti sending follow up emails.

Beth motioned to make Stephen Throop a board member. Motion 2nd’d by Jon. All board members in favor.

Throop will be in charge of quarterly mixers. Next date tbd.

VIII. Meeting Adjourned at 8:05pm

Jessica Pasela
NHCA Secretary