Clean Up and Public Safety

The purpose of the NHCA’s Community Cleanup and Public Safety committee is to promote active community involvement in Neighborhood Watch programs, establish additional crime watches based on necessity and citizen involvement, and coordinate with local police, fire, and public safety officials to provide for the highest levels of safety and security for the Normal Heights community. The committee will also maintain and prioritize a list of projects and suggestions that enhance community safety (e.g. lighting, railings/fences, etc.).

The committee will work to establish an interactive database where incidents can be documented (including pictures of problem or unsafe areas) and tagged by location and such information collected will be tracked and compiled by the committee to provide to public safety and city officials to secure additional resources to make repairs or increase safety within Normal Heights.


Special Projects and Fundraising

The purpose of the NHCA’s Special Projects & Fund Raising committee is to coordinate or promote various projects undertaken and approved by the NHCA’s Board of Directors and secure funds for those projects and other costs associated with the NHCA. The Special Projects & Fund Raising committee will work closely with all the committees of NHCA, especially the Social & Activities committee, to accomplish its goals.

Projects will vary from small, short-term projects to larger, on-going projects. These projects will be approved by the NHCA’s Board of Directors and will help promote and enhance Normal Heights and the NHCA’s purpose. To help fund the work of the NHCA, and in particular the projects we undertake, the committee will be responsible for coordinating the activities necessary to raise funds.


Historical Preservation

The purpose of the NHCA’s Historic Preservation committee is to provide oversight and encourage respect for historical buildings and landmarks within Normal Heights, both on private and public property. The committee will work with the Community Planning Group to ensure that new developments and construction compliments or is aesthetically compatible with historic characteristics of Normal Heights neighborhoods.

The committee will lead NHCA’s efforts to preserve and restore historically significant sites and promote their historical significance which enhances the community through greater knowledge and understanding, increased tourism, and higher degree of pride in community of Normal Heights.

Social Media & Safety Communications

The Social Media and Safety Communications committee gathers information about the Normal Heights community and disperses it across responsive and interactive online forums to promote neighborhood events and safety for Normal Heights. This function publishes NHCA newsletter and meeting minutes and an online social media presence. Other responsibility areas include the community events calendar, maintaining an accurate and up-to-date list of community resources, promoting NHCA news and events, and providing information about NHCA.

Social Activities

The purpose of the NHCA’s Social Events and Activities committee is to bring residents together by providing and preparing interactive social events and activities that promote the community of Normal Heights, encourage neighbors to get to know and spend time with one another, and foster a sense of pride and camaraderie within the community of Normal Heights.

The committee will plan and promote many different events and activities designed to encourage residents to get involved and participate with other residents in a fun and social setting. Some events may target specific population groups (e.g. young families with toddlers), but all events will be designed to be fun and open to all community members, and each will allow residents to meet other neighbors who share common interests within the community.


Membership & Recognition Committee

The purpose of the NHCA’s Membership and Recognition committee is to maintain the rolls of current, active members of NHCA and promote the Association and its mission through recognition of contributions, accomplishments, and community involvement by NHCA members and other private citizens, business owners, and civic leaders who further the Association’s goals.

The committee will develop and recommend to the Board of Directors and NHCA Executives such awards, categories, and prerequisites as they deem necessary to encourage participation in NHCA, promote the ideals and goals of the Association, or recognize any act or contribution that enhances the community of Normal Heights. The committee will work toward recognizing the hard work and sacrifice of NHCA members who have made measurable and lasting positive impacts on the community in any of the areas approved by the Board. It will also make recommendations, as necessary, for special recognition of non- members who have made a significant contribution to, or enhanced the quality of life of Normal Heights residents.